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 [3] Delivery Raid #2

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[3] Delivery Raid #2 Empty
PostSubject: [3] Delivery Raid #2   [3] Delivery Raid #2 EmptyThu Feb 11, 2016 8:09 am

Delivery Raid #2

Difficulty: 3
Word Count: 1200
Reward: 2000 Jenny, 10 EXP

Description: After the attacks on deliveries in the cities have been taken care of, the robed delivery raids are back, targeting the same deliveries as before, but attempting to seize the goods in transit instead of at the destination. While anything transported on modern means appears safe, now the deliverymen driving single trucks or even wagons across stretches of land fear being attacked.

  • Get on the transporter at it's starting location after meeting the client
  • Wait for any interlopers while on the road and make sure the delivery is not stopped at all costs
  • After safely escaping from the inevitable ambush and reaching the target, you will get paid

Raiders are heavy in build, relatively strong and possibly armed, but amateurs in proper martial arts and are likely trying to board the traveling vehicle from ones of their own.
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[3] Delivery Raid #2
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