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 [4] Delivery Raid #3

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[4] Delivery Raid #3 Empty
PostSubject: [4] Delivery Raid #3   [4] Delivery Raid #3 EmptyThu Feb 11, 2016 8:10 am

Delivery Raid #3

Difficulty: 4
Word Count: 1500
Reward: 2000 Jenny, 15 EXP

Description: The stealing of goods continues even with guarded transports and receptions and it has to stop. Store owners and transporters want able-bodied youths to set a trap for the hooded thieves stealing their products. Set up said trap either on a transport or store and follow the perpetrators to take care of the problem at the root.

  • Meet the group of clients and make a plan for your trap with them
  • Execute your plan and find out why and from where the gang operates
  • Defeat their lead figures and deliver them to justice to be appropriately rewarded

The average Robber does not pose a threat to a Nen-User on his own, but they come in multiples which leads to chaotic brawls. Their leader is amateurish in Nen use and should at least not be taken lightly with his attributes averaging level 3.
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[4] Delivery Raid #3
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