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 [2] Delivery Raid #1

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[2] Delivery Raid #1 Empty
PostSubject: [2] Delivery Raid #1   [2] Delivery Raid #1 EmptyThu Feb 11, 2016 8:08 am

Delivery Raid

Difficulty: 2
Word Count: 800
Reward: 1500 Jenny, 5 EXP

Description: Local shops are recently having troubles with their nightly and early morning deliveries of goods being disturbed and straight out stolen. There seems to be a consistent gang of over two dozen people in black robes but usually only five or six of them at a time, as reported by deliverymen and shop owners who have fallen victim to these raids.

  • Meet the shop owner/s expecting deliveries of goods on the evening before
  • Stand guard in the before dawn hours of the morning
  • Fend off any robed figures and ensure safe and sound arrival of goods
  • Raiders will flee after meeting too much resistance

The robbers are exclusively men with what appears to be a robust stature and appropriate strength, but no dangerous level of martial skills.
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[2] Delivery Raid #1
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