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 Kokoro Fuyoki

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Personal Information

First & Last Name: Kokoro Fuyoki
Age: 14
Eye color: blue
Hair color: blue
Weight & Height: 144 cm tall and 86 lbs
Appearance & Clothing: Kokoro has the appearance of a young girl at about 13 to 14 years of age with blue eyes and hair. She wears a light-blue short dress under a large green raincoat that has a tail with pink ribbon attached with a pair of rabbit-ear hood and holds her rabbit puppet, Tadokora, in her left hand. Her preferred form of clothing is sun dresses along with boots that match her raincoat.
Special features: N/A

Origin and family

Origin: Azian Continent, Dolle Harbor

Family & close People: None


Personality & Behaviour: Kokoro is a pretty shy girl. She tends to keep to herself and not get involved with other people. When she is forced to, or chooses to be involved with other people, she is pretty blunt. She gets straight to the point. She doesn't like to beat around the bush and hates it when it is done to her. She likes for people to just say what the want or need. She is very polite and generally respectful to everyone and puts her entire being into everything she does. However, she comes off as hard-headed due to only wanting to do things alone and without others, refusing their aid unless she has no choice. She only wants to bring improvement for the better, but she tries too hard and ends up either letting her efforts go to waste or simply making herself ill. This is when she will go to Someone she trusts for something to help with whatever is ailing her. She is positive. She will, originally, go after any task with the utmost positivity. She likes to participate in everything and be happy about it, no matter how gruesome the task. She is modest. If she does something with someone and they try to give her all the credit, even if she did do all the work, she doesn't like to admit it. She likes for everyone to feel good about themselves. She is the kind of girl that believes that actions speak louder than words. She doesn't like to speak about what she can do. She's rather just do it.



Goals: To protect the people from all who oppose the peace.

Kokoro lived a standard childhood. She had great friends, a great family, did well in school, and had a bright future ahead should she continue to do so. She never felt like she was in danger, never felt like anything bad could happen to their happy village. It was always peaceful, and even though her brother left for a hunting trip and never returned, she still felt safe. She felt like there were no dangers, that everything in the stories she was told was simply that, a story. For 10 years, that's how everything was.

When Kokoro was 10 a mysterious man entered the village. He was clad in black, and equipped from head to foot in armor and weaponry. Nobody paid much attention at first. Not until he slaughtered a family one day. Panic rang throughout the town. He stood right in the middle and demanded tribute. He wanted money, and if he got it, nobody else would be killed. However, should somebody fail to pay the tax, their fate would be the same as that family. At first, people were reluctant to comply. But a few deaths later, everyone in the village was paying this man. Everyone, that is, except for Kokoro's father.

The man went to the door one day. Kokoro's father opened the front door. The man shoved his way inside, holding a dagger to her father's throat. "Kurosaki, you haven't paid your taxes. You know the fine for those who don't pay, don't you?" Kurosaki stared at the man, anger in his eyes. "I will never give you anything, you swine!" He yelled, and he kicked the man in the groin. When he collapsed to the ground, Kurosaki stole the knife and held it defensively. Slowly, the man in black stood back up. "I warned you, Kurosaki. Now you will pay!" He lunged at Kurosaki, but he dodged, rolling to the side. "Get out of my home, you thief! Leave me and my family alone!" The man stood, then stopped. "Fine. But you will regret this, Kurosaki." He walked out the door, and Kokoro and her mother breathed a sigh of relief as Kurosaki stood. "That man is no good. Stay clear of him, Kokoro." Kokoro nodded, shaking violently.

That night, Kokoro awoke to the sound of glass shattering. She sat up in her bed quickly, looking around. She didn't see anything in her room, but she could hear commotion down the hall. Her mother screamed, and the scream was abruptly cut off. There was more noise, and then silence. kokoro, terrified, dove into her closet, pulling the door shut behind her. As she closed the door, she grazed her back against a nail sticking out of the wall. She bit her lip, trying not to scream. She heard the door open to her bedroom, and she peeked through a crack in the door. She saw the man in black, holding a bloody sword and a lantern. Wanted to cry. If the man was there, that meant her parents weren't. He threw back the covers, but found nothing there. He looked around and saw that the window was open. Kokoro had left it open that night, due to the midsummer heat. He assumed she jumped out, and he climbed through nimbly. Kokoro waited until sunrise before exiting the closet.

She was shaking like mad. Her back stung, and her nightgown was stained with blood. She walked down the hall to her parents room and paused outside the door, uncertain as to if she wanted to see what awaited her. Her hands shaking, she opened the door, and screamed. Her father lie dead against the wall, his face turned away, while her mother was on the bed, her eyes wide open, the look of terror still plastered on her face. Kokoro ran out of the room and into her own. She jumped on her bed, burying her face into her pillow, sobbing. She cried for hours, not caring about school or her friends or anything. Her family was gone. She then decided that she would train to become a hunter, and her journey began.

Character Image

Kokoro Fuyoki Tumblr_nnc4p7IZbh1ut905ro1_500

Avatar origin: Date A Live

Writing Sample
The droplets of water sparkled over the Leviathan's place of living. The sun was shining, making the sparkling droplets glisten as the burning sun shined it's blinding rays over Hargeon Town. Hakumi slowly rose from her bed that morning. Her scarlet hair had been wildly rested on top of her head. She walked slowly into her bathroom. She felt that it was best to move slowly after you had just woken up to give your brain to process everything that you would be doing. Hakumi would embark on a brand new journey. Her magic was stronger, and she felt like nothing could stop her! She started getting ready by first, taking a shower. She felt that starting the day off clean was the best way to start. Refreshing yourself with a nice scrub rejuvenated the body, making the person feel so... alive. After she showered, she slipped on a turquoise colored jacket, with a white shirt underneath. She also wore a quite dark colored pink skirt that is very long, and thus reaching her waist. She also wears brown boots, featuring white socks. She styled her hair how she normally did: tied into a bun at the back that is quite messy, and thus making some hair point up from there, leaving the rest of her hair down. Her had always been quite wavy and long, which was one of the many things she liked about it, though she was never full of herself. She then headed for the door, ready to go on the journey that she had been planning to go on.

She hurried for the train, as she needed to be there on time. The job that she had taken would require her to be where she was going on time, or she would not be able fulfill the requirements of the job. She found a man that was crazy enough to drive a train to that dangerous city, and he had told her that she had better be at the train at a certain time, or he would not be taking her. She ran so fast to the train, that she was gasping for air afterwards. But she had a water bottle handy, so she quickly recovered her stamina. The train ride, like all of the train rides she had been on, gave her an unsettling stomach in her stomach. It wasn't motion sickness, but just the structure of the train. It was very unsettling. She felt that it would collapse at any moment, and that she wouldn't be able to save herself or anyone else. Before exiting the train, she took a few more swigs from her bottle of water, and placed it back into her bag. She then quickly exited the train, and ran off into the very rough looking town that she had just entered. She had been there to rid the town of it's problem. They had recently been bothered by some chimera ants. Chimera ants were extremely dangerous animals that come from the "outside" world and are ranked first among insects that should be quarantined. Also known as the "Gourmet Ant," they have voracious appetites and can consume several times their own weight within a single day. In every nest, one Queen Chimera Ant exists to produce more Ants in order to ensure the success of the species. Chimera Ant Queens possess an entirely unique method of reproduction known as Phagogenesis, a term meaning reproduction through devouring. By eating other creatures, a Chimera Ant queen can impart the characteristics of ingested creatures onto the next generation of Chimera Ants it gives birth to. To take advantage of the genes of a particular species, Chimera Ants have been known to feed until the fodder species is driven to extinction in its ecosystem

This job would prove to be difficult, but Hakumi wasn't too worried. She felt that she was strong enough to prevail, that her skills were enough to destroy the chimera ant king. The king had been recently born, devouring the queen after it's birth. The King was the most dangerous among all chimera ants. He had better reflexes, speed, and intelligence. Chimera ants were also generally stronger than humans, so if we were thinking logically, Hakumi would struggle fighting the king. Hakumi had quickly ran into one of the abandoned buildings to ensure that she was spotted. She pulled out a book and began to read more about Chimera ants. After reading, she found a lot of valuable information. A Chimera Ant colony is organized into a military-like chain of command. At the top of the hierarchy is the Queen Ant, initially protected by the three Royal Guards. Under them are thirty-six Squadron Leaders, who each command four or five Officers, each of whom in turn are in charge of ten to fifteen Drudges. The later a Chimera Ant is born by the queen, the stronger and higher ranking it is in their hive. After enough Ants have been produced to form a colony, the Queen Ant focuses all her efforts on giving birth to a King Ant. Upon his birth, the Royal Guards solely follow the commands of the King, who leaves the nest to find various creatures to mate with and impregnate in order to create the next Queen Ant. But it had been a little different in this case, as the queen had been dead and the King was the new head. She didn't know how she would get past the royal guards.

She managed to slip past majority of the ants, hiding in a liquid form, disguising herself as your average droplet of water. Though she was able to disguise her presence from the lwoer ants, the royal guards had noticed her. You're intruding. We know you're there." One of the ants had said. Since she had already been caught, she decided to get rid of her disguise. "How did you know that I was there? I assume that you can sense magic energy." She said nervously. "You are correct. You managed to not hide your magical energy at all, only your physical form. I knew you were here since you stepped foot into the town." The ant said. "I assume that you intend to get to the king. that is something that I cannot allow. Reimi, Tskyumi, let's destroy her." The ants that were apparently named Reimi and Tskyumi nodded at teh first ants words. They were all large for ants. The first ant that had spoken had a human shape, but a weirdly colored shade of skin and butterfly wings. The other two looked similar to cats, but just as big as your average human in size.

Hakumi didn't want to let them be the first to act, so she decided to make the first move. She closed her eyes and began to emit a strange mist. "Mist of the water dragon!" She said. After a few seconds, the mist had covered the room. She decided to end the fight before they had a chance to even attack. Once the room was filled with the mist, her body began to quickly disappear. The 3 chimera ants wandered about the room looking for her until finally, they had all been in one place. Once they had been together, she was going to finish them in one sweep. She made her body visible again, and soon after, she had sucked in the mist and said "ROAR OF THE WATER DRAGON!" making a giant funnel of water hit them, knocking all 3 clean out. They had crashed into the kings room. The king looked up at Hakumi, and without hesitation, grabbed hr by throat, launching her into a wall. She groaned in pain, but quickly recovered. She then made 3 clones of herself made out of water, each clone being able to act on its own. The clones were a match for the king, making him use his full power. Hakumi decided that she was going to end this quickly. She drank some water from her bottle, and then spit it out at the king. It had been an acidic water, melting parts of his body on contact. The parts that were melted were enough to paralyze him. Hakumi had then taken them to the scientists lab who had given her the job, and headed back to her home in Hargeon town.

That was a sample I did for a fairy tail rp site. I got inspiration for it from HxH =3=

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PostSubject: Re: Kokoro Fuyoki   Kokoro Fuyoki EmptySun Aug 02, 2015 12:15 am

Character Stats

Health - 100
Aura - 100
Usable Aura - 10
Strength - 10
Precision - 10
Resilience - 10
Speed - 10


Native Nen: Conjurer
Nen Theme: Summoning scroll

Nen-Points purchased: 0

Enhancer: Rank 0
Transmuter: Rank 0
Conjurer: Rank 1
Specialist: Rank 0
Manipulator: Rank 0
Emitter: Rank 0


- N/A -


- N/A -
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PostSubject: Re: Kokoro Fuyoki   Kokoro Fuyoki EmptySun Aug 02, 2015 5:20 am

I guess this one is done?

First of all even if you do not curently have any family or close people it would be nice if you at least offer a paragraph or so to your dead parents so they may rest in peace, knowing you did not forget them.

Second, Strengths and Weaknesses, put some more words in to describe those.

Also before I read it all I would prefer if you changed to justify or left alignment of your text, just because it is much easier to read.

Lastly please describe what you mean with that Nen theme. It seems rather specific towards only conjurer too, so I suggest thinking of something that includes "Summoning Scrolls", but may also fit other Nen Types other than Conjurer.

Once all is done answer back and I give it read.
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And since there is nothing happening here. Denied.
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Kokoro Fuyoki
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